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Міжнародне співробітництво - оновлено 18 грудня 2012

Літня школа університету міста Ювяскюля (Фінляндія) буде проходити з 7 до 23 серпня 2013 року. Термін подачі документів - до 30 квітня. Курси проводяться англійською мовою.

Academic Mobility Programme in Innovations and Development

The consortium called BMU-MID is an academic mobility programme consisting of 20 partner institutions from Europe and Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. Project is coordinated by the University of Turku in Finland and funded within Erasmus Mundus Programme implemented by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. BMU-MID project aims to echance international cooperation in the field of higher education by awarding scholarhips for students and university staff in partner universities. Academic opportunities for studies, research and professional development are available to citizens of EU countries to BMU countries, and Belarusians, Moldovians and Ukrainians to European partner universities. 

Read more what BMU-MID has to offer! 
International Short Visits for Research, Switzerland
Scholarship / Financial aid: lump sums contributing solely to travel and living expenses
Date: between one week and three months
Deadline: ongoing
Open to: international researchers
The International Short Visits of the SNSF allow for researchers working in Switzerland to go abroad or for researchers from elsewhere to come to Switzerland. The visits can last between one week and three months and are limited to one person (the visiting fellow) going to one institute (the host institute). Both the visiting fellow and one person from the host institute
(the host) are co-applicants of the proposal.
The main aim of this funding instrument, which is open to all fields of research, is to initiate or to consolidate international collaborations. To reach this aim, short research projects between the host institute and the visiting fellow should be carried out during the stay. There should be an exchange of knowledge that is beneficial to both co-applicants and their institutions.
The attendance of congresses, conferences, workshops or seminars is not foreseen. Salaries for researchers on scientific sabbaticals are also not funded.
The International Short Visits have no geographical limitations. Swiss researchers can go to any other country or researchers from any country can come to Switzerland.
Eligibility criteria
The visiting fellow must meet the following eligibility criteria:
•Hold a doctorate (or an equivalent degree);
•be employed as a researcher in his/her country of origin before, during, and after the visit;
•aim to initiate or consolidate, thanks to his/her visit, a continued collaboration between both labs/institutes;
•not already have received support for this funding instrument within the last three years. Even after this period, applications can be subjected to restrictions.
General eligibility criteria for the host:
•Have the approval from the director of the host institute to invite the visiting fellow;
•hold a research/faculty position at the host institute;
•guarantee having the needed capacities (e.g. working space) to welcome the visiting fellow;
•must not have had a guest financed by this funding instrument within the last two years.
All relevant information on this funding instrument and on the procedure for submission of proposals can be found in the Guidelines for International Short Visits.
The SNSF pays lump sums contributing solely to travel (one round trip) and living expenses of the visiting fellow. Since funding is based on lump sums defined by SNSF, the applicants do
not need to indicate a budget in the application. For Swiss researchers going abroad, the money will be directly allocated to the visiting fellow. For researchers from abroad coming to
Switzerland, the money will be transferred to the host institution
The submission of an application is possible at any time, but must be deposited at least two months before the grant is due to start. Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted. If the visiting fellow requires a visa, we recommend submitting the proposal four months ahead.

 Master in Advanced European and International Studies - MAEIS (France, Germany, Turkey)

The Master in Advanced European and International Studies is targeted at students who have completed their undergraduate studies. Its objective is to give students an overarching, encompassing vision of the political, social, economic, and cultural problems of today's modern world. The programme follows an original approach which distinguishes it from other Master courses in European Studies and International Relations.

Anglophone Branch: Istanbul-Nice- Berlin

Last call for unique opportunity to follow European Studies Master with remaining full scholarships in one of most prestigious European Institute!

The Master Program offers the unique opportunity to learn Europe in Europe and develop perspectives for Europe's future. The programme includes semesters in Istanbul, Nice and Berlin and guarantees an international education with an excellent academic staff and environment. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available for qualified candidates.

Location: Istanbul, Nice, Berlin

Duration: 9 months (From October to July)

Deadline for scholarship applications for the MAEIS:
In any case, applications and especially request for financial aid should reach the I.EH.E.I. as early as possible in order to be considered under the best conditions.

Deadline for Master Applications:
The deadline for applications is on June 30, 2012.

Curriculum Highlights:

Students who successfully complete the program acquire 60 ECTS credits. In addition to the stays in Istanbul, Nice, Berlin, the Institute offers a study trip to European and international organizations inGeneva, Strasbourg, and Brussels.

Program Value:

The program is taught by academics from various European countries, as well as experts from research institutions and international organizations. Over the last years, the Institute has graduated 5000 students coming from more than 80 different countries, having offered them many scholarship opportunities.

Subject Areas:

International Relations, European Integration, Democracy and Society, Federalism.
This program is supported by the European Union.
For more information, you are welcome to consult our web site at: http:
Please address further requests to: Students Service
10 avenue des Fleurs
06000 NICE - France

Email : 
Black Sea Summer University, Romania (06-15.07.2012)

Scholarship / Financial aid: undefined
Date: 6th - 15th of July 2012
Deadline: June 30, 2012
Open to: applicants from varied business and other backgrounds


Welcome to Black Sea Summer University 2012, an international summer program in business strategy. It takes place between 6th and 15th of July 2012 in Constanta, Romania. Designed for senior students and young professionals with high potential to become the
leaders of tomorrow, BSSU develops the essential building blocks for future success. During the 10 days of stay in Constanta you will gain new insights into the impact of globalization on business organizations and how managers could and should react.
Black Sea Summer University selects applicants from varied business and other backgrounds who have the potential to become successful global leaders. Their common denominators are a record of achievement, demonstrated leadership and the ability to work as members of a team.
The deadline for applications is June 30, 2012. Black Sea Summer University has a rolling admissions process in place. It is always to one's advantage to apply earlier because more seats are available at the beginning of the application process.
About BSSU
Companies are increasingly looking to emerging markets as a vital source for growth, as an important part of their globalization strategies.
Here at Black Sea Summer University, you will discuss the global strategic decisions, from product design and marketing to organizational design and plant location.
The cutting-edge curriculum is built on strong business fundamentals integrating innovation, globalization, strategic management and business technology. This curriculum, combined with Constanta's antic history and architecture as well as international environment, creates a powerful platform for personal growth and development.
Black Sea Summer University uses the case study teaching method. Pioneered by Harvard Business School faculty, this is a profound educational innovation that presents the greatest challenges both for students and faculty. Here at BSSU we are using real life case studies published by Harvard Business Review and partner companies.
The cost of the program is 200 Euros, which includes tuition fee, accommodation and meals, and welcoming package with study materials.


 Science without Borders Young Talent Program, Brazil

Scholarship / Financial aid: $ 7.000,00 per month for living expenses, accomodation and airline ticket

Date: two to three year-long research project

Deadline: 16th June 2012

Open to: young researchers

Young researchers working abroad with very good scientific accomplishments and who have excelled both qualitatively and quantitatively in their scientific or technological career are eligible to receive funding and resources to perform a two to three year-long research project in Brazil. The host research group would also receive funds, as a bench fee. An international call for proposals will be periodically and internationally disclosed. The program anticipates the availability of funds for at least 100 young researchers per year.

Expected candidate's profile

The scholarship program for "Young Talent Attraction" aims to attract young researchers living abroad, especially Brazilians, who have a highlighted scientific and technology production within the areas of interest to the Science Without Borders.

Priority Areas

Proposals for the Young Talent program must be focused on priority areas of the Science Without Borders Program, listed below:
• Engineering and other technological areas

  • Pure and Natural Sciences
• Health and Biomedical Sciences
• Information and Communication Technologies
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
• Sustainable Agricultural Production
  • Oil, Gas and Coal
• Renewable Energy
  • Biotechnology
• Nanotechnology and New Materials
• Technology for prevention and mitigation of natural disasters
  • Biodiversity and bioprospection
• Marine Sciences
  • Minerals
• New technologies for constructive engineering
  • Formation of technical personnel


The scholarship will cover the period of 12 to 36 months and the included benefits are:
R$ 7.000,00 (seven thousand reais, about four thousand US dollars) per month for living expenses;
• Grant amounting to R$ 20.000,00 (twenty thousand reais, about eleven thousand US dollars) per year;
• Airline tickets; and
• Accommodation aid amounting R$ 7.000,00 (seven thousand reais, about four thousand US dollars).


New deadline proposals: 16th June 2012.

Submission form is available here

Only the candidate or host researcher in Brazil can submit the proposal, exclusively by the Internet, through the Online Application Form, available in the website (http:/ ).

When the research contributor submits the proposal, its necessary to attach to the form, a file with the research project and the candidate's Curriculum resume into platform lattes application or the summary of the candidate's resume.

When the candidate submits himself the proposal, it must be done in three steps:

1) Access the link, click in register and fill the form to create login and password to access the submission form;

2) Submission form is available here. Attach to the form a file with the candidate's curriculum resume or the summary of the candidate's resume;

3) If pre-approved, the candidate must indicate within 90 days the host institution, as well as the research contributor in Brazil and the research project, according to the announcement.

The research proposals must be submitted exclusively by Internet, through the Online Application Form, available in the Program website ( ).





MBA in International Business programme, Italy
XXIII edition (September 2012 – September 2013) Scholarship Competition for Citizens from Russia and Ukraine MIB School of Management of Trieste, Italy is pleased to announce a competition for scholarships for citizens from Russia and Ukraine.
The Scholarships will go toward tuition fees to attend the XXIII edition of the MBA in International Business programme (September 2012 - September 2013).
The Scholarships will cover up to 50% of the tuition fees. The full tuition fees are equivalent to 25.000,00 EUR (21% VAT included). The amount of the scholarships will be discounted from the overall tuition fees. In case of course abandonment or exclusion for any reason, no amount of the scholarship will be paid or reimbursed.
Candidates must meet the following requirements:
• Academic degree (or equivalent qualification) in any discipline.
• Good working knowledge of English (TOEFL/IELTS/PTE certificate is recommended).
• Minimum 3 years of work experience.
MIB School of Management will award scholarships to the best candidates on the basis of educational qualifications, professional skills and motivation shown during the entrance interview.
To be considered for a scholarship, the application form for the programme must be completed on-line at
In order to finalize the application, the following documents must be received:
• Degree certificate and transcript
• Two letters of recommendation
• A certificate demonstrating adequate knowledge of English such as TOEFL/IELTS/PTE (alternatively, verification of skills may be made directly by the School)
• A deductive reasoning test score such as GMAT (alternatively, verification may be made directly by the School).
The documentation must be sent by July 9, 2012 to the following address:
Ms. Barbara Sepic
Admissions Officer
MIB School of Management
Largo Caduti di Nasiriya 1
34142 Trieste – Italy
Prof. Vladimir Nanut
Dean and Director
MIB School of Management
Hermann Strenger Scholarships, Germany
Scholarship / Financial aid: scholarships provided
Date: undefined
Deadline: July 15, 2012
Open to: young people in the final stages of their training
With the launch of the Hermann Strenger program in 2010, the Bayer foundation is for the first time also offering support to young people in the non-academic sector to gain work experience abroad.
The program is aimed at committed young people in the final stages of their training or those who have successfully completed their training within the last two years and who are looking to go abroad for a maximum of one year to gain initial international experience as
part of a project, internship, training course or simply "on-the-job" work.
The focus is on the following career areas:
-Technical careers
-Science-related careers
-Careers in the health sector
-Business careers
Examples include office/commercial/IT administrators, office communications personnel, systems/industrial/precision mechanics, electronics specialists in industrial and automation engineering, IT technicians, mechatronics engineers, IT specialists, biology and chemistry laboratory technicians, chemical/pharmaceutical technicians, biological/chemical/pharmaceutical/medical assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and medical support staff.
Applications are welcome from individuals from Germany with a suitable project looking to go abroad and from those from outside Germany planning a comparable stay in Germany.
Further prerequisites include good to very good training grades, a high level of commitment professionally and socially or culturally and written confirmation from the foreign receiving institution regarding the planned project.
The next application period for the Hermann Strenger Scholarships will be from June 1 until July 15, 2012.



European Institutes for Advanced Study - EURIAS Scholarships 2013-2014

The European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme is an nternational researcher mobility programme offering 10-month residencies in one of the 14
participating Institutes: Berlin, Bologna, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Cambridge, Helsinki, erusalem, Lyons, Nantes, Paris, Uppsala, Vienna, Wassenaar. The Institutes for Advanced tudy support the focused, self-directed work of outstanding researchers. The fellows benefit rom the finest intellectual and research conditions and from the stimulating environment of a ulti-disciplinary and international community of first-rate scholars.
EURIAS Fellowships are mainly offered in the fields of the humanities and social sciences but ay also be granted to scholars in life and exact sciences, provided that their proposed research roject does not require laboratory facilities and that it interfaces with humanities and social ciences. The diversity of the 14 participating IAS offers a wide range of possible research ontexts in Europe for worldwide scholars. Applicants may select up to three IAS outside their ountry of nationality or residence as possible host institutions.
The Programme welcomes applications worldwide from promising young scholars as well as rom leading senior researchers. The EURIAS selection process has proven to be highly ompetitive. In order to match the Programme standards, applicants have to submit a solid and
innovative research proposal, to demonstrate the ability to forge beyond disciplinary pecialisation, to show an international commitment as well as quality publications in high-impact venues.
For the 2013-2014 academic year, EURIAS offers 33 fellowships (17 junior and 16 senior positions).
All IAS have agreed on common standards, including the provision of a living allowance (in the ange of € 26,000 for a junior fellow and € 38,000 for a senior fellow), accommodation (or a obility allowance), a research budget, plus coverage of travel expenses.
- Applications are submitted online via, where, you will find detailed
information regarding the content of the application, eligibility criteria, selection procedure, etc.
- The deadline for application is June 7th, 2012. Late applications will not be considered.
- Scientific assessment by two international referees
- Pre-selection by the EURIAS international Scientific Committee
- Final selection by the IAS academic boards
- Publication of results (December 2012)
Application deadline → June 7th, 2012
Results of the preselection by EURIAS Scientific Committee → Mid-October, 2012
Publication of IAS final selections → Mid-December, 2012
Arrival of fellows → September/October 2013
Please check on the following pages :



Austrian Student Scholarship, Mondi Group, Austria

Deadline: May 31st 2012

Open to: Applications can be made by nationals, not older than 23 year, from African, Asian, Central and Eastern European Countries and Austrian citizens

Scholarship: Support for up to 4 years. Financial support for the tuition fees, living expenses and books of up to € 12.000,- for an academic year.



Mondi Group key operations are located in central Europe, Russia and South Africa and as at the end of 2010, Mondi employed 29,000 people across 31 countries worldwide. Mondi Group became an independent dual-listed business in mid-2007 when they successfully demerged from Anglo American with listings on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges. From January 2008, in place of the former Mondi Packaging and Mondi Business Paper business units, they now operate as two divisions: Europe & International and South Africa.

Today Mondi Group offers to young top-class students the opportunity to take part in many different programs as the Austria Student Scholarship of the “Mondi Austria Private Foundation”. The Austria Student Scholarships are awarded for basic university programs (university degree, bachelor programs), or, in case the students have already completed studies in their home country, for Master programs. The support is provided in particular to students who want to take studies in the areas of technology, natural science and economic science. The scholarship is granted for studies in Austria. Scholarship holders are expected to complete their studies in Austria and will not be awarded to students who are already studying in Austria. Maximum of 40 Scholarship holders (admission of 10 to 14 scholarship holders each year).



Applications can be made by nationals of African, Asian, Central and Eastern European Countries and Austrian citizens, who: can furnish proof of being eligible for admission to an Austrian university or a university in their respective country of residence (proof of eligibility for university admission in the country where the school-leaving certificate was issued) are interested in studying at an Austrian university or technical college, or an Austrian school similar to these institutions and graduating from these are not older than 23 years (upon expiry of the application deadline)



- Support for up to 4 years, or for the minimum duration of the respective studies. Scholarships are granted for one year each. The extension of the scholarship will depend on the student’s success;

- Financial support for the tuition fees, living expenses and books of up to € 12.000,- for an academic year (further scholarships will be deducted from this amount);

- Travel scholarship, if necessary, of up to € 1.000,- per year;

- Advice and support for the scholarship holders in connection with visa, insurance, language courses and search for accommodation;

- The Board of the foundation is exclusively responsible for the selection of students

-The scholarship holders of the “Austrian Student Scholarship” are not required in anyevent to work for the Mondi Group after completing their studies



Complete application documents must be received by the Austria Student Scholarship of the “Mondi Austria Private Foundation” by not later than May 31st.

The following application documents are necessary to be taken into consideration for an Austrian Student Scholarship:

- Application letter

- Resume (including passport photo)

- Copies of transcripts

- Personal letter of motivation (Why you think you are the right candidate for the “Austrian Student Scholarship?”)

- Precise description of the objective of your studies (including curriculum, timeline and a description of the envisaged degree)

- Two letters of recommendation from professors/teachers or employers

The application documents have to be sent in English or German

You can find the application form here:

The Official Website:




Ragnar Nurkse Scholarship, Estonia

Scholarship / Financial aid: one scholarship of 7 200 euros

Date: the academic year 2012/2013

Deadline: May 31st 2012

Open to: international students


The program provides two state-commissioned places for studies, which exempts from tuition fee (deadline for applying for state-commissioned place is 1 July, 2012).

All foreign students are encouraged to apply for the Ragnar Nurkse scholarship, named after probably the most internationally recognized Estonian scientist of the 20th century. The scholarship, in the amount of 7 200 euros, will be financed through the budget of TUT Department of Public Administration and it will be awarded to a student who will start his/her studies at the MA in Technology Governance programme in the academic year 2012/2013. The scholarship recipient will be selected on the basis of candidates’ previous professional and academic accomplishments (minimum GPA to be considered for selection is 3.5). The application should also include a recommendation letter from one of student’s previous professors. Finally, student’s MA thesis proposal will be evaluated to determine whether it has the potential to create new knowledge and could be converted into a journal article.

Please send scholarship applications (a 1-2 page letter describing your thesis proposal and previous professional experience; proof of previous academic results; CV; academiс recommendation letter) and other inquiries to Rainer Kattel at no later than May 31st 2012. Please use .pdf files.

In addition, 6 foreign students can apply for reimbursement of costs, related to obtaining visa, arranging health insurance and travelling to Estonia. The program will also support you in

applying for scholarships from your home country or international or charitable organizations. PhD students from universities around the world are encouraged to apply for the DoRa 5

scholarships for short term (3-10 months) study visits. TUT Deparment of Public Administration has hosted under this framework PhD students from Jawaharlal Nehru University (India) and

Florida International University (USA). Interested applicants should contact DPA Director Rainer Kattel.





 Preparing Global Leaders Institute Summer School (13-26.08.2012, Macedonia)

Preparing Global Leaders Institute (PGLI) is created to train new generations for effective and ethical leadership, prepared to act as global leaders in addressing world's problems.

The Institute emphasizes rigorous academic preparation and interactive learning. This experience helps participants to stimulate intellectual curiosity and build individual self-confidence and independence, while at the same time developing analytical and practical leadership and decision-making skills.

Participants learn through intensive engagement in classes, debates, simulations - all involving future national and international leaders from different countries, cultures, religions and races.

While our program is available for future leaders, our targets are, high school graduates, undergraduate and graduate students (young professionals) who show leadership potential. These are the ones who will be tomorrow's leaders, both within their own countries and internationally.

What greater investment than a young mind that, with the right exposure, might become another Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King or someone who works anonymously for positive change in the communities across the globe?

We offer values clarification and new skills for competency at three levels: personal, interpersonal and global.

A completed application form (please download form) is necessary to register for the Preparing Global Leaders Institute. A confirmation letter to all applicants will be sent by e-mail upon acceptance. Information and consent forms will be mailed in May and June. The PGLI grants refunds only when a cancellation is received by July 15.

Application form
CV (recommended)
Letter of Support (optional)

A completed application form with supporting documents (optional) should be sent to Please note that admission to the institute is made on a rolling basis, therefore, earlier applications will receive priority consideration.

Program Cost and Scholarships

The full cost of the program is 1000 EUR covering tuition fee, transportation from Skopje airport/bus station to SEEU, accommodation (SEEU dormitories, meals, special events, sport facilities, and vocational trips. Participants are responsible for travel arrangements and associated VISA costs (if needed) to Macedonia.

There are also a range of full and partial scholarships available. Should applicants wish to apply for a scholarship they should enclose a brief scholarship statement to their application.

Deadline for submission of applications including CV(recommended) and letter of recommendation (optional): May 15 (Category A) and June 15, 2012 (Category B).
*Category A: applicants who hold a citizenship of a country that needs VISA to enter Macedonia (check your VISA status at

*Category B: applicants who hold a citizenship of a country that does not need VISA to enter Macedonia

Download application here.




Стипендії ім. Фулбрайта для навчання в університетах США

Навчання в американських університетах від одного до двох років на здобуття ступеня маґістра. У конкурсі можуть брати участь студенти старших курсів, випускники ВНЗ.

Післядипломна освіта в США (graduate studies) є поєднанням навчання з індивідуальною дослідницькою працею. Система цього рівня освіти передбачає широкий спектр можливостей: здобуття магістерського ступеня (master's program); навчання за суміжною спеціальністю; річне/півторарічне навчання без отримання диплому з метою поглиблення знань з певної наукової дисципліни (non-degree program); проведення індивідуальних досліджень (research program); підготовка до кваліфікаційних іспитів і вступу до аспірантури (doctorate program).

Галузі спеціалізації:

Гуманітарні,  суспільні, точні, технічні та природничі

Вимоги до кандидатів:

  • мати українське громадянство та проживати в Україні на час проведення конкурсу

  • володіти англійською мовою на рівні достатньому для успішного навчання в американському університеті (TOEFL iBT не менше 80 балів)

  • диплом бакалавра, спеціаліста або маґістра на час призначення стипендії (у серпні 2013 р.)

  • повернутись в Україну на 2 роки після завершення терміну ґранту відповідно до вимог візи J-1, яку отримують учасники програм обмінів

Умови ґранту:

  • оплата навчання в університеті

  • щомісячна стипендія

  • медичне страхування

  • квиток в обидва боки

Документи на конкурс та вимоги до їх оформлення:

Претендентам необхідно подати до Офісу Програми ім. Фулбрайта комплект документів, до якого входять:

  • [анкета]

  • три рекомендаційні листи

  • копії всіх документів про вищу освіту, які свідчать про отриману кваліфікацію, ступінь чи звання (дипломи з додатками, сертифікати тощо)/ або копія залікової книжки для студентів 3-6-х курсів, які ще не отримали диплом на момент конкурсу. Документи мають бути завірені тільки тією установою, яка їх видала (нотаріально завірені копії не приймаються). Фіналісти програми повинні будуть подати завірені переклади документів про освіту англійською мовою.

  • портфоліо (для кандидатів з творчих напрямків)

Відбір учасників:

Відбір учасників на конкурсній основі відбувається в Україні й передбачає наступні етапи:

  • перевірку документів щодо повноти їх заповнення та відповідності заявників вимогам конкурсу (травень 2012)

  • рецензування робіт американськими та українськими фахівцями та визначення осіб, які вийшли до півфіналу (червень - липень 2012)

  • співбесіда англійською мовою з учасниками півфіналу та відбір фіналістів американсько-українською комісією (середина вересня 2012)

  • затвердження рекомендованих кандидатів та визначення університетів для фіналістів програми (січень-січень-квітень 2013)

  • початок навчання/ґранту - серпень-вересень 2013 року.

Фіналісти Програми складатимуть комп'ютерний тест TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language) та GRE General Test (Graduate Record Examination) у жовтні 2012 року. Кандидати з права складатимуть лише TOEFL.

Офіс Програми ім. Фулбрайта покриває всі витрати учасників конкурсу (проїзд та перебування у Києві під час співбесіди), оплачує комп'ютерне тестування для фіналістів програми, надає візову підтримку стипендіатам.

Остаточне рішення щодо надання ґранту приймає Наглядова рада науковців імені Фулбрайта. Інститут Міжнародної Освіти (IIE) допомагає визначити університети у відповідності до академічних або наукових інтересів кандидатів.


Документи приймаються до 16 травня 2012 року.

Координатор програми - Інна Бариш;

Асистент програми - Оксана Парафенюк; 
(1) Финансирование МОН Украины

Когда: на 2012/2013 учебный год
Для кого:
(а) для студентов, которые будут учиться на 4, 5 курсах (но поездки возможны только в осеннем семестре);
(б) для студентов 1–3 курсов;
(в) для академического персонала.
Сроки пребывания: зависит от приглашающей стороны (от одного месяца до 1 года). Студенты 1–3 курсов на долгосрочные поездки берут академотпуск.
Что оплачивается: все расходы.

(2) Финансирование в рамках программы Erasmus Mundus (

Когда: на 2012/2013 учебный год
Для кого:
(а) для студентов, которые будут учиться на 4, 5 курсах (но поездки возможны только в осеннем семестре);
(б) для студентов 1–3 курсов;
(в) для академического персонала.
Сроки пребывания: зависит от приглашающей стороны (от одного месяца и более). Студенты 1–3 курсов на долгосрочные поездки берут академотпуск.
Список университетов:

Что оплачивается: все расходы.

Подробную информацию о программе Erasmus Mundus можно найти на сайте университета (путь: Навчання → Міжнародні програми студентського обміну → Запропоновані програми)

(3) Финансирование в рамках программы Tempus (
Fulbright Faculty Development Program — програма для молодих науковців віком до 40 років
Детальна інформація щодо конкурсу та анкета розміщені на сайті




A new scholarship program at the Master's level which might be of interest to your students:



The Fondation de l'Ecole Polytechnique is launching a new scholarship program to allow outstanding international students to complete a Master's program at Ecole Polytechnique:

- Amount of the scholarship: 10,000 Euros per year.

- All citizenships are eligible

- All Master's Programs at Ecole Polytechnique are eligible

More than 30 SCHOLARSHIPS will be awarded to international students for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Master's Program available at Ecole Polytechnique:


A whole presentation of Ecole Polytechnique Master's Program is available at : Flyer Webpage;


Practical Information :

Application: 2 sessions each year : Feb 15th / May 1st.

Students are advised to send their application on-line as early as possible (More information about the application process; Application website). Interested students should submit their on-line application for admission to a Master's program at Ecole Polytechnique. Within their on-line application they have to fill in the "scholarship" part to apply for this scholarship program.


We would be grateful if you would advertise this opportunity to your colleagues and students.

Feel free to contact us if you need further information.


For more information, please contact Dr. Delphine Marcillac, International coordinator for Master's program (


Elisabeth Crepon


Vice-President for External Relations

Ecole Polytechnique

Route de Saclay

91128 Palaiseau Cedex




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