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Second international conference Nanobiophysics: fundamental and applied aspects

6-9 October 2011, Kiev, Ukraine

Dear Colleagues!

We want to invite you to the second international conference “NANOBIOPHYSICS: fundamental and applied aspects”.

The conference will take place on October 6-9, 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The broad range of topics in the areas of nanosciences and nanotechnologies, which involve the biological molecules, will be encompassed:

Physics of the nanosystems based on biological macromolecules. Theory and computer simulations.

Interactions of biomolecules with the nanoparticles and nanostructured surfaces

Enhancement of the optical processes in biomolecules by nanostructured metal surfaces

Interactions of the biomolecules with graphene, nanotubes, fullerenes, etc.

Hybrides of the biomolecules and carbon nanoparticles

Since several definitions of the nanobiophysics exist, please read the criteria for the works, which would be accepted for our conference.

The conference will bring together the scientists working in the fields of nanosciences, nanotechnologies and molecular biophysics and dealing with the biological macromolecules or their complexes with any kind of nanoparticles or nanostructured media. The goal of the conference is to discuss recent achievements and to push forward this innovative area of science and technology.

Official languages of the conference are English, Ukrainian and Russian. The abstracts, posters and oral talks could be prepared in any of these languages. However, the usage of English is strongly recommended.

This event is organized by the Institute of Physics of the NAS of Ukraine together with B.I. Verkin Institute of Low Temperature of the NAS of Ukraine on biannual basis. The first conference took place in Kharkiv in 2009 and got positive response from the scientists from Ukraine, Russia, USA, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria and Hungary.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kiev!